Summer teaching opportunities can be great experiences for the new teacher, and they can be also time consuming. On the good side, summer teaching jobs are a good way to make a little bit of extra money and they’ll look good also on your resume. They might also open a door or two for future employment if you make a good impression on your employers. They also help keep up the work momentum without the added stress.
On the minus side, summer teaching jobs can take a great deal of preparation and planning, leaving little time for true relaxation. Usually, most summer teaching jobs are full time due to the length of summer, so expect to work hard.
If you’re trying to choose a good summer teaching job, here are some suggestions.

Good Summer Teaching Jobs

Tutoring and coaching jobs. The one-on-one or small group dynamics are usually discipline free. Students are usually very motivated to learn and catch up on material they have missed during the past school year. Most likely you’ll be tutoring just a few hours every day, which means you can still catch up on your summer reading and head to the pool. Other large test preparatory programs such as Kaplan do have tutoring positions open as well as instructing full classes, so choose your preference.
Internships. For teachers who are also college students, summer internships may be a good experience to get college credit. In doing so, you’ll prepare yourself for the school year.
Writing test passages. If you already have experience writing test questions, you know that writing a good test is hard. However this part time work can be fulfilling and financially worth it, but without the added stress of marking and recording.
Sports classes, lifeguarding and anything that is practically outdoors. Summer is a good time to get away from the classroom. Refresh yourself from marking and lesson plans and enjoy the great outdoors of nature in the summer time.
Field trips. Trips to new places are often a good informal way to study the environment and observe nature. Working at field trip venues can also be a great way to scout out places to take your class during the school year.
Anything that you love doing, but can’t necessarily do during the school year because you are too busy.

Other Summer Teaching Employments

Sleep-away camps. These types of camps usually involve a long term commitment and can be stressful. You don’t really have a lot of time to yourself and for planning the upcoming school year.
Summer job abroad for teachers. These international teaching experiences can be an excellent way to see a new country and teach a foreign language that perhaps you speak or even teach. Many host foreign countries offer ESL teaching opportunities. A teacher summer vacation job is an ideal time to also work and learn about the target culture.
summer teaching jobs
You could possibly teach summer classes at your local community college if you have anything from a Master’s degree up. Contact also your school district; perhaps they have summer school teaching jobs or tutoring jobs.
And finally, there is the Internet. There are plenty of online tutoring work and educational writing jobs. Avoid sign-up fees and double check before you sign anything.
Best of luck with your summer plans! For more information, here are some tips on how to find a teaching job.